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Distinguished Toastmaster Paul Finkelstein, DTM (561)302-0051 Eastern Time


Empire.Kred look like it needed a business professional group, so I started one last night.

21 members overnight. 60 members in 3 days.  The buzz. The Curiousity. Let’s do this…

12/16/2015 We now have 92 members in a short time and climbing.  Attend a business group daily virtually online the EK way!  1 reason. Leverage. Empire.Kred rocks!  Reach Out for community kindness and service!

Business Professionals: ENTER HERE

Here is the link to Business Professionals on Empire.Kred or EK

Register your Empire.Kred account TODAY!

Business Professional group

I look forward to seeing your introduction in the designated topic/thread.

Yours truly,

Paul and Sara

Other deets you need to know about Empire.Kred below:

Pics are 1000 words.  Vids must be millions.

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Read it, Learn it, Analyze it, Apply it #EmpireKred #BlogAThon Entry EKB01

Empire Kred

The first entry in Blogathon 2015 is from Avil Beckford from Toronto and a member of Empire.Kred since August 2013


Avil is an expert interviewer, entrepreneur and published author is passionate about books and professional development, and that’s why she founded The Invisible Mentor and the Virtual Literary World Tour to give you your ideal mentors virtually in the palm of your hands.

Read it, Learn it, Analyze it, Apply it

‘Have you ever read a great book, loaded with practical advice, yet you never implemented the ideas? I can see you nodding your head. We’ve all been there. We have good intentions, but things get in the way, and time passes, then we forget what we read. More than likely, you didn’t take very good notes while you were reading the book. Or you didn’t write your notes in a notebook that you could easily access. Or you didn’t take any…

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Build YOUR Empire and You Could Win 100 Million Eaves – or more

Empire Kred

Build Your Empire

You’re an Empire.Kred player – and that makes you the best possible person to decide who YOU want to see in the game. Who do you know who wants to track or build their social networks? Who will love discovering new content in missions or enjoy climbing the social stock market? Who shares your interests or creates content that excites you? Those are the people we want to introduce to Empire.Kred.

As each one of us reaches out and brings in people we like, people we trust, and people who are interesting and dynamic, we ALL benefit from a stronger, more dynamic game.

The Build YOUR Empire Challenge will run through mid-December. Four contests will make it fun and rewarding to tell your story, show prospective players how (and why) they should play, and share the new mobile-friendly Empire.Kred across social media. All while earning or winning eaves!

Invite-a-thon, Blog-a-thon, Video-a-thon, and Share-a-thon let you choose the medium and…

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Sir Rudiger’s 24 hour Halloween Tree House Party

Empire Kred

Join Sir Rudiger for 24 hours of fun, contests, trick or treating, missions, and a huge party in the treehouse. Join Sir Rudiger for 24 hours of fun, contests, trick or treating, missions, and a huge party in the treehouse.

On Halloween, head to Empire.Kred for 24 hours of non-stop fun! Sir Rudiger hasn’t shared all the details yet, but here’s a sneak preview:

  • Trick or treaters can win Pay It Forward Investment Missions, helping you sell stock and reach new shareholders
  • Everyone can play, by looking for treats or by joining the fun and offering treats
  • Speed counts in this contest, so plan to visit lots of people
  • Watch for the special Halloween achievement to pop up as you visit friends
  • Scoop up stock in Invest missions all day

Join Sir Rudiger and players in the treehouse for holiday events throughout the day, leading up to a blowout party Saturday night. Prizes for best treats, best costumes, and much more.

Sir Rudiger will announce contest rules around midnight Friday night, right…

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Why You Should Join Empire Avenue – Your Guide to Sharing


Why You Should Join Empire Avenue – Your Guide to Sharing

To be plain with you, Napoleon and the Empire appeal a lot to the French !

So just imagine ‘Empire Avenue‘!

This sounds like the 12 Avenues Napoleon built in Paris around the ‘Triumph Arch’ of ‘Etoile’ (Star), including the famous

‘Champs-Elysées’ down to the ‘Concorde’ place.

Well in a word, this sounds like you’re coming down the ‘Champs-Elysées’ with Napoleon or your favorite partners on your side and lots of cheering around!

Here are at least 5 reasons to join Empire Avenue-EA for intimates :

1/ To become as famous as Napoleon

Well, you may be taller and have less troops than Napoleon…

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My Morning Routine and One More Thing

Make It Your Problem

I routinely resisted routine for years feeling it was a handcuff that reduced or possibly eliminated creativity. Just over a year ago, I began a practice that has turned into a habit.


I wake at just before 5am, usually without an alarm but I do set it every night. I get up regardless of what time I went to bed but 80% of the time that has become a routine that has me asleep before 10pm.

I manage my social media accounts and respond to overnight emails for about 30 minutes and then settle in to write another blog post. Every day I craft a draft post that isn’t always published the same day. With the commitment to write and ship every day and the promise to keep my rants to less than 350 words, this has become a highlight of each morning.

Four or five mornings a week, I…

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Sep 11 My daily investment tips today for Empire Avenue #EAv !

Eav Daily Tips

My today’s daily investment tips are based on:

1/ New Signups who started to be active on the ‘Social Market’ and will turn for their first time!

2/ Interesting newstarters who are on there way, to the 7th Day .


1/ New Signups who started to be active on the ‘Social Market’ and will turn for their first time!

Buying them now could save you a substantial amount of eaves, before they turn for their first time and in future! Normally newstarters will roll/turn around their Daily close at 13:00 UTC (GMT) and their first Share price correction at 14:00 UTC (GMT)…. My Daily tips will starts with higher divs normally and great potential, to grow much faster then most other newstarter accounts.

Around there 7th day there shareprice will be between 80 and 100 and the 3 or higher star rated mostly above 100!

EA Kred Link Current Share activity 21.51

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