Healing from Sexual Abuse – A Transformational Journey – Part 25

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Spirit Dad:  Love is central in the universe.  Love is the greatest characteristic of God and yet so misused by humans.  It is so important for you to get love because it is central for your transformation.  It is from love that everything else exists and develops.  Love is God’s nature – pure, kind, respectful, always seeking the good in all people.  That is the kind of love that is developing with you and Chuck.  It is a pure and deep and unconditional spiritual love – a love that is essential for all humans and yet so few experience it without damage and conditions.

Me:  I never knew that.

Spirit Dad:  You and Chuck are spiritual partners and have great work to do together.  You both need to heal to do the work.  This is part of it.

God:  I want all my people to understand the importance and the…

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Empire Avenue Gouge


Michael Q. Todd lays out the ins and outs of Empire Avenue in a way that’s easier to understand and relate to the actual EA experience better than any other discussion that I’ve seen.  Wish I’d had this “leg up” on the Avenue when I started to dabble in it a little over a year ago.  Get the gouge, and stop back on my blog for more Empire Avenue clues and tips.

Click on the link here >>>>>>>> Empire Avenue Gouge

See you on the Avenue.

Kevin Green: EA Myths – Please stop creating them

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mythbustersKevin Green, the current share price leader on EAv, posted this insightful bit in the Community Discussion area. I’ve reposted with his permission:

There are a number of EA members going around blogging about their expertise on how EA works. Please before you go publish crap please read the FAQ on EA

To dispel a couple when NEW myths going around…

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