EMPIRE AVENUE’s Growing Pains

EMPIRE AVENUE's Growing Pains

Big change: Algorithm to be updated based on YOUR feedback

Lynn O’Connell — You were heard and EA is CHANGING how they will address issues moving forward. Many were unhappy with how things happened this week. The group consensus was clear: the algorithm should change to address scoring issues without getting into warnings, etc. Please see the announcement from the Empire Avenue devteam below. They ARE changing algorithm.

This is a BIG change as we had earlier been told they couldn’t take on this kind of programming right now. Here’s the announcement from General Discussion notice:

“We (the Empire Avenue devteam) wish to clarify some of the points raised by Community members recently.
a. A total of 29 accounts were warned about network abuse where we detected volumes of what seemed like spam coming into Empire Avenue. No networks were disconnected by Empire Avenue.
b. We have heard your feedback. Going forward, we will change Empire Avenue algorithms to take into account volume etc. and have it reflect the abuse that we see and have it be reflected in Scores, Dividends etc. These changes will occur over the next month.”


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