Empire Avenue Navigation Gouge



Empire Avenue (https://www.empireavenue.com) has been probably best described as a “Social Media stock market” in which the EA currency, eaves, are invested, earned, given, and paid in the process of developing an Empire Avenue stock portfolio that pays dividends in eaves on a daily basis and pays even bigger dividends in the lasting friendships and amiable relationships that are developed with other players across the various platforms of social media in which interactions occur that includes Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, among others.

I stumbled around on Empire Avenue for the first couple of months and in some regards, I am still stumbling around. I’ve come up with my own strategies over the course of the last couple of years that I’ve been cruising on Empire Avenue but none of my methods are based in any research or verifiable data. I just poke around by trial and error and…

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