99 year record ISIS a prison of words

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Here is an email I have written to our local newspaper:


Recently, the screening for volunteers and workers with Children in Alberta has under gone some huge changes.
Namely, ISIS which is a system designed to protect children from “UNSAFE PERSONS and or suspected UNSAFE PERSONS.
However, the investigations are not FAIR.  
For instance, I gave a child up for adoption who was born April 9, 1971.  Were I to be investigated for suitable of working with children the report will read as follows:
“May have been involved in an incident involving a minor child.“
There is no clarification, no explanation and NO opportunity for APPEAL.  
Were I a convicted criminal under the Justice System – I have an opportunity to have a pardon and the record is removed.   NOT so in the case of Child Welfare and their ISIS system.
Kindly investigate this situation and…

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